Anavid Tarot Readings


I received a reading a couple of years ago that was uncannily accurate. Not only did it refer to people who were immediately influencing my life, it gave great insight to how I should handle a certain problem I was facing. I had not given any background information and requested only a general reading. Thanks again! -- Jen 


I didn't want to believe my reading. But what has transpired since the summer of '06, it was dead on. Everything was true. Your reading for me was 110% dead on. -- Kenneth J.


I had no clue what that inheritance could be, and then I was absolutely blown away when it came to pass, and you were definitely right on with the oddity! -- Mani


The most truthful and gifted reader I have ever come across! Thanks so much for those readings. It still amazes me after two years. -- Rita


The reading you did a few years ago changed my perspective on life. I am now working at that new job! And while it took a while to land where I am now, I realise what you had pointed out: that it was really my own blocks that prevented me from attaining it sooner. -- Anonymous. San Jose, California


Writer Erin O'Brien has this to say.


The accuracy regarding my current relationship was amazing! The reading added a great perspective for me to consider, and provided real relief in a difficult situation. -- Aaron


I very much enjoy your perspective on problematic issues. Your readings have counselled with tough decisions, and you've helped me to understand the importance of opening my heart, even in the face of opposition. Thank you again. I will definitely come back in the future for another reading. -- Douglas


Thank you so much for those wonderful readings. They gave me hope for a more positive future, and truly helped me grasp that we are in fact creators of our own destiny. -- CMD


Wow. I have never experienced a reading with such depth. It was very interesting to say the least, and it helped me to come closer to the understanding of the true undercurrents which effect and influence the situations we face and live. I really enjoyed having you read my cards. We definitely have to do this again in the next coming months. -- Ian


Thank you very much for helping me make one of the toughest decisions of my life. Everything has gone well since. -- P


Wow. I have never had a reading done before, and this was just such a great first experience for me. I must admit, I was a little spooked with the things you mentioned in terms of work and intimate relationships. Very specific and accurate. Thank you again for the wonderful advice in addition to the target reading. Money well spent. -- Jim


I have received three readings from Anavid and have been struck by how accurate they were in describing where I was at the time they were done. I've gotten more out of the analysis of my situation than anything else, and they've helped me to better understand myself. I heartily recommend a reading for any reason, but especially if you have a difficult question that needs answering. -- Anonymous


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