Anavid Tarot Readings


Because everything is energy – that is all anything really is, including this page you are currently reading, Anavid’s method of reading for people at a distance (on-line), is tuning into the quarent’s energies and those energies which may surround the quarent during the time she conducts the reading.


Incense is a quick way of clearing, removing and neutralizing the energies so as not to become entangled before conducting the next reading. Anavid uses Shanti Vana Incense.


If required, Anavid will perform a brief meditation which consists of washing away and ridding energies that may linger after the reading has ended. It is very important to be as energetically clean and clear as possible, especially when conducting a reading.


Anavid highly encourages the practice and art of meditation.


Blessings to you.


"All substances give the illusion of permanence but in fact are only representations of varying states of energy."

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