Anavid Tarot Readings

23 Card Reading

The twenty-three card spread is the most comprehensive of all the spreads. It is Anavid's signature in-depth reading spread. There are seven sections, each headed by one Major Arcana card, followed by two supporting cards. The last section, the overall outcome, has a total of five cards - heading with one Major Arcana followed by four supporting cards.

Each position specifically focuses on an issue. Succinctly, these are: The Querent's Current Situation. The Querent's Past - things which occured in the past and thus brings the quarrent to their present situation. Past Influences. Present Influences, which thus has the potential to influence the future. Work/Career and Finances. Relationships and Love. And last, The Overall Outcome.

Anavid separates and places in a pile all of the Major Arcana cards. The remaining cards; the court and suits, are placed in the second pile. Each pile is then thoroughly shuffled, and cut in three before selecting. Each section begins with the selection of one card from the first pile, which holds all of the Major Arcana cards. This is followed by a selection of two supporting cards from the second pile, which holds all of the court and suits.

The 23 card spread is the most valuable because it offers the most in-depth reading using 23 cards in total.

This reading can take up to four hours.

Number of cards in this spread:  23

Cards used: The entire deck.

Price of this reading: $55.00 CAD

* All readings are final sale. Non-refundable. No exchanges *

23 Card Reading

$ 55.00 CAD

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